are you melting this summer?

wear these to keep yourself
the most important thing to summer wardrobe choice is the fabric of cloths been Coton and Lenin
easy breathing fabric, light fabric the keys of choice for your outfit items

by the way, these sunny days don’t forget to use sunscreen and, wear sunglasses


pastel outfit
pastel colors in a summer outfit look dreamy, calm, and so soft.
first thing, what are pastel colors?
pastel color is the soft and pale type of any color.
these colors are made by the magic mix between the white and original color
any color that is desaturated with white can be called pastel
in fact, you can make any color a pastel by adding white into it.



pastel colors say this message to the audience:
Peace and calm.
Because pastel colors are paler than other colors, they have a softer look that’s easier on the eyes. This can inspire a calming, soothing, peaceful vibe with your audience.

The softness of pastel shades can also inspire feelings of romance—especially when paired with other romantic imagery.

Reminiscent of spring.
When people see pastels, one of the first things they think of is spring (spring flowers do come in pastel shades, after all!). And what do people associate with spring? Feelings of happiness and the hope of new beginnings.



relaxed pant
absolutely, one of the best summer wardrobe essentials is the relaxed and floaty dress
they are so breathy, cool, and protect you from the sun
you can wear it with a crop top, puff-sleeve dress, and Bralette.

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