women body shape

grab a piece of paper and a pen.

get your tape measure handy

in this post, we’re gonna figure out what’s your body type is?

this is really important because the way that you dress, should be dependent on your body type.

let’s talk about measurements, for measurements, you need to do four different measurements and I would say get to something kind of minimal like a bodycon dress or tight-fitting top and leggings, a lightly padded bra, and underwear.

the first measurement you wanna take is your shoulder measurement and that is going to be as high up on your shoulders as you can get without slipping off, and write the number on paper.

then you’re gonna measure around the fullest part of your bust, the widest part of your bust. when you wanna make sure that you’re doing these measurements that there’s no draping in the back that it’s pulled pretty taut, but not too tight. cutting off your circulation and now you have that bust measurement.

you’re gonna write that down.

next, let’s talk about the natural waist measurements.

so this is generally in the belly button zone but could be a bit higher so just find that area of your natural waist that nips in the most, tiniest part of your natural waist measure around that area, again remembering to hold that taut, not too tight and then write down that number.

the last measurement you’re gonna do is your hip measurement and that’s where you’re gonna measure around the fullest part of your hips

it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right at that hip bone, it could be lower, but get that measurement, record it, write it down and now you have the tools that you need to figure out what your body type is


so the first body type I wanna talk about is the inverted triangle

that’s when you literally look like the upside-down triangle

your shoulder and bust measurements are gonna be larger than your hip measurement.

basically, if your shoulder measurement is larger than your hips by five or more centimeters or your bust measurement is larger than your hips by ten centimeters or more you are an inverted triangle.

let’s talk about the pear body shape.

that’s when your hip measurement being larger than bust by five centimeters or more and larger than those shoulders by ten centimeters or more

then you are considered a pear shape, by the way, the pear shape is the most common body type among women.


next, we have the apple shape and that is where your waist is actually your largest measurement

that’s where you carry the weight so that waist measurement is gonna be larger than the bust, shoulder, and hips by five or more centimeters.

the next body type is the rectangle. very boxy, and that’s when you wanna really try to create a waist

that means you don’t have a ton of definition, you can even see it right here, so if your shoulder, bust, hip, and waist measurements are all about the same but generally speaking your waist will not be 20 centimeters less than your bust or your hips or your shoulders a real defined waist would then go into a different category, but when you don’t have a defined waist it’s not that defined, it’s less than 20 centimeters of an indentation, there are less centimeters of an indentation, there’s less of 20-centimeter distinction then you’re a rectangle shape


let’s talk about the opposite of the rectangle shape, which would be like hourglass shape and that’s where you have very similar measurements here, with the shoulders, bust, and hips, and the waist is clearly defined and it nips in 20 or more centimeters from that bust, shoulder, hip measurement, that’s the hourglass, so hourglass is like the most coveted body type and the one that we all try to sort of emulate.

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