Combine Your Outfit Like A Pro

If you are tired from normal or boring outfits, I recommended trying these stylish combines 

Puff-sleeve Dress + Woven Bag + Gold Jewelry


super trendy, cool outfit
you can wear this combine for beach lunch, holiday, summery date, even summer party
puff sleeves dresses are the trend this summer, you look like a fairytale on it
they are amazing in any color and patterns
you must own one of them to your wardrobe
also, woven bags make the summer vibe stronger on your outfit
In the end, complete your amazing combine with a pair of gold earring

Maxi Dress + Flatform Sandals + Basket Bag


chic, comfy, minimal
I’m a huge lover of camel and nude colors, these colors look so chic
this outfit can be a good choice for a picnic
These flatform shoes make you taller under the maxi dress also they are so comfy
you can experience an amazing picnic without any toe pain (trust me)
And the basket bag has enough room for some drinks, sandwiches, fruit and, definitely your phone and a tiny-tiny camera

Oversize T-shirt + Biker Shorts + Classic Jewelry


Bold, sporty street style
if you searching for a street style that to be perfect for all over the week also be comfortable and bold, this combination is made for you
oversize T-shirts and Biker shorts are win-win combines always, you can add your taste to this outfit with classic jewelry

Midi Dress + Mules


In just one word glamorous
you can do this combine for any occasion birthday party, wedding party, even your daily outfit
I think midi dresses have the best height, they are never going under your foot and walking with them like a piece of cake
midi dress never let you look busy

Ribbed Tank + Relaxed Trousers


you can still look gorgeous even in relaxed trousers
an old theory from the past to now in fashion said if you wear loose-fit for the lower body, you have to wear slim-fit for your upper body and vice versa
so I am loyal to this theory and recommended you this combine 

Blazer + Crop Top + Bermuda Shorts


if for some situation you want to have a casual-formal style, blazer + Bermuda short combination are amazing

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